Services for sustainable tunnels

Professional support to engineering services in the technical selection of products and their use (technical calculation reports, plant sizing and layout, study of new products and related qualification tests).

Assembly testing at site start-up: we employ augmented reality technology to overcome travel limitations thus reducing consumption and ensuring continuous support.

On-site start-up assistance: we provide the technical support needed to train personnel using our accessories and gaskets, thus minimizing any errors.

Measurement of test rings, formwork and segments at the customer’s request:
– we use laser tracker and laser scanner technology for timely dimensional surveying;
– at the customer’s request, we perform test ring preparation at our workshops or directly on site.

Sharing expertise.
In close collaboration with customers, we are inclined to share our wealth of expertise, passion for excellence and aptitude for innovation.
We develop our products by taking advantage of idea cogeneration, with a view to greater efficiency and quality.

An example of this approach is the ANTI-SEISMIC DEVICE.