Our greatest challenge in this new century
is to adopt an idea that seems abstract – sustainable development.

Kofi Annan

To preserve the future of the Planet, we need concrete and IMMEDIATE actions, such as those enshrined within the United Nations Global Agenda for Sustainable Development.
Inspired by a sustainable business model, we aim to facilitate the transition from a direct, extractive economy to a regenerative circular economy.

Concrete actions we have already taken are:

  • renewable energy production and use;
  • energy conservation;
  • regeneration of production waste and recovery of products from segregated waste disposal;
  • commitment to diversity to promote a culture of inclusion;
  • promotion of telecommuting.

All of our proposals include environmental impact assessments, highlighting the amount of carbon and water that would be saved as a result of said proposal.

FAMA commitment to environmental sustainability is certified by the EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) which accompanies its products and offers detailed, credible and verifiable information on the environmental performance of their life cycle.