FAMA sizes and designs the precast factory

TBM absorption chart, production, carousel and storage.
The TBM absorption chart is structured according to progress plans and dimensions strategic stocks.

FAMA designs carousel and fixed formwork systems


FAMA precast factory includes formwork in fixed and carousel configurations.


FAMA designs and manufactures formwork that can be installed on existing carousel systems with full integration of operational functions and dimensional conditions.


FAMA formwork is designed and tested to work with fibre concrete, ensuring its excellent distribution within the formwork itself due to a perfectly designed and dimensioned vibration system.  The fibres are evenly distributed. 

FAMA has the expertise to produce
formwork of the highest quality
and ergonomics

The study aims to plan the precast of the tunnel lining, determining:

  • Plant productivity
  • Prefabrication set-up
  • Sizing of the prefabrication
  • Guarantee of continuous supply of ashlars to the TBM, according to schedule

The study of the installation ensures technical coordination with the accessories used, guaranteeing the client an optimal result.

STRUCTURAL CAROUSEL DEFINITION (click to view the chart)

On the basis of the TBM’s advancement requirements, FAMA structured a parametric system of plant dimensioning to identify the different configurations evaluated during the study phase in order to be able to better address the client.

FAMA designs fixed and carousel formwork systems in-house with its own technicians. The first step in formwork design is the creation of a 3D model and a specific structural analysis (FEM) to assess the loads to which the formwork is subjected.

Particular emphasis is placed on the safety and ergonomics of the workstation in order to facilitate the operator’s activities with a consequent increase in efficiency and reduction of scraps or defects on the segment.

FAMA selects Italian manufacturers that can boast 30 years of experience in equipment manufacturing.


Formwork with automatic covers for carousels

Formwork with folding covers

Stationary Formwork

Carousel installations


Carousel equipment

Cage transport belt

Demolding and tilting device

Transfer wagon

Mechanical or hydraulic clamp