Connection Systems and Accessories

In addition to gaskets, FAMA offers a full range of accessories and in particular connectors, which are the second key player for good sealing and excellent assembly of tunnel lining rings.
FAMA has a wide range of connectors that can be customized in size, shape and performance.
FAMA will provide detailed technical information upon customer request.

Connector functions are:

  • Speeding up the installation of the tunnel segment
  • Ensuring segment suspension in cantilever
  • Securing closed joints
  • Ensuring well-aligned joints
  • Preserving concrete integrity
  • Ensuring a suitable performance in the concrete female interface of the connector

FAMA Connection Systems


The Smartblock, under special conditions, may have a predisposed side to be screwed into the threaded socket


The female cap is manufactured in a unique shape with high-performance concrete anchorage geometries


The Smartblock features high customized size and performance

FAMA Heeled Tooth Technology

FAMA has patented a special and innovative design for its connectors. The heeled tooth came about after a thorough examination of existing products, identifying weak points and proposing improvements. The FAMA connector has a gripping system that fits immediately without creating gaps.

The female’s tooth shape, the male’s tooth shape, and the materials used protect the system against any misaligned insertions that often occur during the segment launching phase. Therefore, it can be safely said that this connection system offers greater strength. The FAMA connector, in synergy with the third-generation gasket, provides excellent sealing results, significantly reducing water ingress.

FAMA connectors have outstanding shear and pull-out performance and are manufactured to meet specific customer technical requirements.

The range of FAMA connectors is integrated with special connectors used for specific requirements, with which Cross Passage, launch rings, test rings and more stand out.


Detected GAPS

Detected OFFSETS