Cogeneration products

Earthquake-resistant joint


Adaptable Turnbuckle 


Spherical Convex Washer


Compression flange


Concrete Anchorage Plate


Spring Unit

Operative Design
Earthquake (ODE)
Maximum Credible
Earthquake (MCE)
10,0 [mm/ring] 18,5 [mm/ring]
15,0 [mm/ring] 30,0 [mm/ring]

The FAMA anti-seismic device was first installed in 2016, in the Thessaloniki metro project in Greece. It was officially presented at WTC 2017 in Bergen, Norway.

The special features of the anti-seismic device are:

  • A metal spring part suitable for absorbing dislocations between contiguous rings
  • A ductile rod to increase the overall deformability of the system
  • The system is easy to install
  • Installation of the system in the segment does not significantly alter its normal preparation steps
  • The devices, for the preparations in the segment suitable for receiving the system, can be applied
  • In the pre-existing formwork
  • The modification of the formwork is reversible


1. Timely analysis of technical characteristics of products
2. Quality assurance plan
3. Data sheets
4. Technical reports qualification tests
5. Product Drawings
6. Gaskets and accessories installation manual
7. Case histories


1. Technical report – feasibility study
2. Gantt
3. Quality assurance plan
4. Safety and environmental procedures manual
5. Dimensional control manual
6. Validation report
7. Installation manuals
8. Operation and maintenance manuals
9. Installation testing at site startup
10. Site start-up assistance
11. Measurement of test rings, formwork and segments
12. Control of product behaviour