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We are the ideal partner and sole interlocutor for international companies operating in the mechanized tunnelling sector.
With more than 30 years of experience and knowledge in this field, we offer our customers: innovative products for tunnel lining, designed by us and manufactured in our production facilities equipped with the best technologies, cutting-edge solutions which are  reliable and customizable, as well as technical support in product selection and assistance in the start-up phase of the construction site.


We contribute to the creation of underground projects that facilitate the movement of people and goods, preserving the Earth’s surface and increasing environmental sustainability.

While increasingly digitized, automated with a robotic process, our company will foster the employment of skilled labor and technicians of the highest caliber, thus operating in ethical osmosis with its location, which has a great technological tradition and highly professionalized teachings.

More than competitive: unique.

We are the only company which provides a single solution for precast tunnel lining segments excavated with the mechanized system.
We provide molds, gaskets and accessories, precast plants manufactured by us and made according to the strict ISO 9001 quality standards.
We are THE technical reference for the entire tunnel lining project.

Innovators par excellence.

We collaborate with leading university and technology transfer centers. We fully comply with STUVA, AFTES recommendations, guidelines of ITA and other centers of expertise in tunnelling.

Experienced, passionate and experts.

We have been operating in the tunnel industry for more than 30 years.
Established as subcontractors for major Italian companies, since 2008 we have been ideating, developing, manufacturing and offering our original solutions and innovative products, which we have been distributing directly to the world market since 2013.
More than ten of these products have already been internationally recognized as deserving of industrial patent.


Sealing systems,
connection system and accessories,
precasting and technical cogeneration

We develop the shape of our profiles through virtualization (Marc). We are thus able to design them and determine their characteristics, reducing the production timeline.
We offer a wide range of connectors that can be customized in size, shape and performance. We provide detailed technical information on request.
We design and manufacture formwork by installing it also on existing carousel systems. We guarantee the complete integration of operational functions and dimensional conditions.
Collaboration with customers and the cogeneration of ideas allow us to process our products with greater efficiency and quality.

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